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Bored of regular drinking nights? Want to have a memorable night with friends? You have come at the right place! Drinkster - Drinking Game is a combination of best drinking games.

Modes of the drinking game:
There are currently 3 offline modes.

Mini Mode: Best suited drinking game mode for a small group of 2-4 players, It has 30 drinking wheel spins.

Medium Mode: Best suited drinking game for upto 7 players. It has 45 drinking wheel spins.

Large Mode: Best suited drinking game for a large group of friends and a memorable night! It has 60 drinking wheel spins.

Combination of best drinking games:
Most likely to: The quiz mode consists of most likely to questions.

Would you rather: The quiz mode consists of most likely to questions.

Drinking Dares: This drinking game consists of challenging drinking dares.

Mini Games: There are many interesting and fun mini games within this drinking game.

Never Have I Ever: Drinkster - Drinking game has a collection of embarrassing and weird statements of Never Have I Ever.

Drinking Games Rule Card: With rule cards, each game becomes unique because of the random rules that can pop up and at times the combination of a rule and dare can be deadly!

Packs: There are different packs that you can choose from. Choose 1 pack or more to set the mood for your drinking night or to compliment the mood of your fun game night.

Starter: This pack is best to get the drinking games night party started.

Tipsy: Select this pack to take your party a step ahead and get the feels of a real drinking game.

Crazy: Make your game night absolutely crazy with the Crazy Drinking Games pack.

Hardcore: Do you boast of your drinking skills? Its time to prove those skills with the Hardcore Drinking Games pack.

Dirty: This drinking games pack is the best if you are looking for a fun and dirty drinking party game.

Couples: Have an all couples party? Choose this drinking games pack and explore your relationships further.

Friends Drinking Games:
Drinkster can be played amongst friends as friends drinking games to have a fun filled night.

Couples Drinking Games:
Drinkster can also be played by a couple or a party where all attendees are couples, as Couples Dringing Games. It is sure to make everyone's night a memorable one!

The appropriate mixture of all the drinking games makes Drinkster the ultimate best Drinking game. Drinkster has a combination of Never Have I Ever drinking games, Most Likely to drinking games, Couples Drinking Games Would you rather drinking games, Drinking Dares, Drinking game rule cards, mini drinking games and random sips to convert any ordinary party game night to a memorable one.

Download Drinkster today, the best drinking games available, absolutely free.


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